Creating a winter winner: Style 1

Hello readers, I hope you have been enjoying the twin posts series so far..
This is perhaps one of the last posts in this series, with just a few more days left in the month of May. It is about creating attractive winter styles, as the name suggests!

I often get asked about ideas for looking stylish in winter. As the weather cools down and adding layers becomes essential, it can be a bit tricky to avoid looking daggy and repetitive with the same outerwear, unless it is a trench coat (which is a clear winner anytime!) But I guess there are plenty of occasions when you’d like to be a bit more casual and relaxed.
The pull over is the piece to rely on, at these times! 

The question is how to work the pullover to make it interesting, trendy and packed with style-

Pull over- Markets, Scarf- Fabindia (India), Purple jeggings- SES Fashion, Leopard ballet flats- Factory outlets (can’t remember which store!), clutch – Louis Vuitton, Hoops- Markets

I decided to put together a look that might work well for a weekend outing, shopping afternoon or accompanying the kids to their weekend piano lessons even! In short its casual yet smart and chic yet comfortable..well you could be the judge and tell me what you think…

Making it work -
By combining opposite colors (yellow and purple)
Hint of pattern (on the pull over)and print (on the flats),
Good key pieces- the clutch and hoops!

How do you add magic to simple outfits, would love to hear your views…


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