Creating a winter winner: Style 2

Happy Friday readers! Yes, its the end of the week and the last day of the month too! 
So let me round off the month in style with a winter winner that could perhaps be a good date outfit. The featured ‘French Connection’ sweater befits a cool winter  lunch date. I scored it at a fantastic price at last season’s half yearly clearance and have been longing to style it since then!

My excitement to present this post is two fold- one for the above reason, of course! Two, for bringing you to a completely different and very interesting photo shoot locale!! 
You probably know my apartment block so well by now and I figured it was time to bring you glimpses of some of the prominent spots in Sydney..

Sweater- French Connection, Indigo jeans- Esprit (scored at nearly 80%off), Sunglasses- Guess, Neon studs- Diva, Wrist-let- Guess, Black platform sandals- Payless shoes
Photo courtesy- Sachin Wakhare Photography
Instagram- @wax321 

Mr. S and I certainly had a great time doing this shoot at Sydney Olympic Park. It was a brilliant day with perfect light conditions and a really feel good kinda mood! 

Couldn’t resist including the last photo, as it is quite an anti- climax!
Walking back bare feet, immediately after I yelled ‘Pack up’:-)) 
Thank you readers for all your encouragement and support in the month of May. I hope you enjoyed the month full of twin series posts.


    • Thanks Rupa..aah you picked up the flaw well..I regret not checking the length when I got the jeans altered! Thank you for visiting me:-)

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