For a reader: Going shopping! What do I wear?

Hi lovely readers,
I had another inquiry recently about ‘what to wear when I go shopping’, I know it sounds like an easy to answer question doesn’t it? But delving deeper into it made me realize that it’s not just about comfort or style but even about confidence sometimes. 
It happens to me too, I’d perhaps hesitate to enter some high end store if I thought I didn’t look like a serious buyer! 

Long sleeve tee- SES Fashion, Denim vest- Esprit, Red jeans- Katies, Tan loafers- Wittner,
Owl neckpiece- Markets, Tote bag- Oroton

But fret not I’ve got some cool and easy tips for you on how to dress for a shopping spree with style, comfort and confidence-


1. Long sleeve tee – Its advisable to wear long sleeves when you are going to spend quite a few hours in the air conditioned mall environment, a light cardi over short sleeves will do the trick too. And yes, black speaks sophistication like no other and looks great on everyone too!

2. Red jeans- Adding a pop of color will make the outfit lively, make sure its a comfy pair and the right length. The right length of pants makes an impression always!
3. Denim vest- An interesting piece to add that extra style to your look.
4. Quirky neckpiece- An unwritten rule I follow is to add a longer piece with a V neck top and a closer to the neck one for round for me!
5. Comfortable flats- This is a no-brainer of course. Comfy does not necessarily mean sacrifice on style though. I think loafers are always chic and tan leather ones just match any outfit almost!
6. Chic tote- Your handbag speaks volumes about you….so? Invest in at least one or two great brands in different styles. Carry a roomy monogram tote and you’ll be making a polished impression with a functional piece, now that’s what I call smart!
7. Ensure the outfit you’re wearing is easy and cooperative for trying on your prospective shopping goodies too (an important tip this one!!)

I hope you like these tips, let me know if you do…

Don’t forget, your smile and a smart outfit will make you look like the most stylish shopper around:-)


  1. That’s very true, we usually think about comfort when going shopping, but looking good and feeling confident reflects in how we get treated by salespeople at a store, shallow as it may sound. Great outfit here!!

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