Looking back and back to work..

Hello my lovely readers!


It has been an eventful August to say the least and I am going to fill you in about all the recent happenings as promised! Today completes one week in my new job and it indeed feels like a task well begun. On one hand I’m glad to be utilizing my skills and ready to embrace the challenges of my new role yet on the other hand the motherly guilt weighs on my mind. I sorely miss playing with my toddler, random outings with my older daughter and giggling with them like there’s no care in the world!

I miss my coffee dates with girlfriends, sleep ins on weekdays and just running to the supermarket to get milk anytime I want but I guess its time to embrace my new role now and cherish the 13 months I spent as a SAHM(stay at home mum).

Interestingly the first question I was asked when I announced that I am going to be a full time working mum was , “Are you still going to blog?”. With all due respect to all the people who asked me this, some out of genuineness and some others with an obvious sarcastic tone, I’m very happy to say a big resounding “YES, I will!”


I accept its not going to be an easy task. But I have only gained and felt positive about blogging and all things associated with it. From being an ordinary log of outfit ideas and a creative outlet to slowly growing into a website with all the social media frills, I have had tremendous joy in building Klassy Style Files every step of the way.

I have had many wonderful opportunities of meeting celebrity bloggers, getting invited to special events, becoming a fashion contributor and even fantastic brand collaborations! I am truly grateful to all those readers who have complimented my styling sense and written to me asking about style suggestions. I adore the community I have grown to be a part of and look forward to creative and inspiring interaction!

Cobalt blue blazer- Marcs | Striped tee- Sussan | White jeans- Sussan | Chain necklace- Colette | Bracelet – Lovisa | Watch – Fossil | Black leather pumps – Inniu

It has been a wonderful journey so far and I know I want to be in it for as far as I can see. My passion for writing and styling will be intact and I resolve to keep bringing you more ‘Klassy’ ideas, outfits and collaborations even if it is a serious test of my commitment, dedication and discipline!

So keep reading and stay Klassy!



  1. Kalyani…you are amazing. There’s no reason why one should stop something they love. I love your blog. Its a mine filed of outfit ideas for me. And unlike most other blogs, these are your everyday style and affordable. Something I’d love to do in my life. Please don’t stop blogging!

    PS : this looks like I am stalking you. Sorry


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