Not letting go of Summer yet…

Summer is on its way out and there’s no sign of the heat easing just yet. It was a particularly warm day when we did this photo shoot and all I could think was a cool blue! I did not miss the opportunity to style this ZARA dress that was one of the last minute buys before we finished our holiday in Singapore!

The idea was to showcase an option for styling a perfect daytime party outfit. Some pointers that come to my mind straight away are-

1. If its a balmy summer day its nice to wear a cool color and fabric, preferably plain or with a delicate pattern.

2. To keep the focus on the dress its best to pick neutral accessories discounting white, as it can create too much of a contrast.

3. Keep the jewelry really simple and elegant (I imagine pearls as soon as I think elegance!) plus if its really warm it may be a relief not to have anything around the neck.

4. Minimal make up is definitely the go, coz you don’t want to be all caked up in the heat. Choose a product with high SPF to keep your skin protected (I’m wondering if a BB cream might do the trick), stick to just a lip balm and mascara and your done!

5. Pick one quirky accessory to give the outfit a nice twist, a frangipani was on my mind plus I think it went so well with the blue!

Dress- Zara, Singapore, Wallet- Bluebird from Strandbags (also seen here), Sandals- Simona Ricci, Bracelet- Gift from Mum, India, Earrings- Peora, India
How did you like this day time party outfit option? I love reading your views and ideas so please share them.

PS- After I looked at these pics I instantly knew what a long way I have to go in terms of losing all that post baby weight! Hopefully I’ll get there by the motivation from my fellow bloggers.Hey, if I can make the shopping ban work then maybe this one too:-)


  1. Very beautiful!!! It is worth stopping at ur blog to get some ideas which can be easily tried out n just with minimum resources! Thanks.. Keep inspiring!!!

  2. Beautiful! Very cute addition of the flower clip in your hair :)
    Wondering if you would like to follow each other? :)
    Please let me know, i work from home so i follow back right away.

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