Shop what you got challenge 2014 – The halfway mark

Well hello 15th! I can’t believe we are already half way into the month and just days away from summer!

If you have been following along on Instagram and Facebook, you are probably up to date with my daily outfit style series for the #shopwhatyougot challenge. So how has it been so far? Challenging, inspiring and very heartening:) I am following the other challengers and I think it feels absolutely wonderful to be part of a community of creative and encouraging style bloggers. Thanks Jo for inviting me to join you, I have genuinely been enjoying the last two weeks a lot!






To start with I was fretting over limited pieces and how will I make so many possibilities come out of 30 pieces but 2 weeks in I feel exactly the opposite! It is in fact a lot easier because of the set wardrobe and just mixing and playing with accessories creatively gives the capsule pieces a lot more mileage in terms of outfit possibilities. I find myself getting out the door far quicker and feeling more confident because I am aware that my capsule wardrobe has the pieces that are well suited to my body shape, my current lifestyle and more importantly my personality.




I have done a little analysis to identify the appreciated looks and ‘hero’ pieces in this capsule wardrobe which in turn has given me deeper insight into what works, where the gaps are and what might be unnecessarily taking up prime real estate in my closet!

Black pull on pants, beige and cobalt blazer and nude flats are on the top of my list for most used pieces this fortnight. The statement necklaces and scarves are adding a new dimension to the outfit most certainly!  I also feel grateful to have been featured on ‘The Adorn Collective‘ Instagram feed for styling their Keaton necklace in my 9 to 5 look. The necklace sure has been versatile whether paired with pattern or color alike!

best outfit facebook


The most loved look on Facebook has been this ‘Melbourne Cup’ day outfit I wore at work featuring one of the hero pieces- the beige blazer!

best outfit instagram


The best loved look on Instagram is this floral shirt and pencil skirt look. The classy floral shirt is courtesy of another fabulous brand that I have had immense joy in collaborating with- Hawes and Curtis.

My heightened confidence and joy from the last two weeks tells me that a well chosen and efficient capsule wardrobe can do wonders to your lifestyle and make dressing up for work and weekends a breeze! So if you are feeling inspired too, send me your capsule wardrobe queries and I’ll be happy to help you out!

Make sure you stay tuned for the rest of the series…



  1. Awesome job at selecting your capsule wardrobe. I can see your personality– it’s a bit preppy, very classic, and on the weekends there’s a punch of relaxed modernism. Love!

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