How a stylist can help you utilize your wardrobe


Hello from the Klassy headquarters :-)

Winter always seems to slow us down as a family! Keeping on top of our schedule can be a tad bit challenging with cold mornings and trying to keep the colds and flu at bay. But nevertheless I did do some exciting things this month and would like to share one such experience. I especially love this post as it demonstrates so well how a personal stylist can help you bring out the best in your wardrobe.


I met Lena on a Sunday and we had this exciting session of ‘shopping her closet’ to put together some exciting looks suited for her typical weekday at the office and weekend parties too! Lena is a sub-editor for an award winning fortnightly paper, so her workplace does allow for relaxed and/or creative dressing possibilities. She already had a wardrobe full of lovely skirts and dresses and some even with tags on! We decided to tackle those first and came up with brand new ideas to put these together.


Lena loves shopping online and she already has a great sense of style! My main task was to come up with completely fresh outfit combinations and use her accessories in ways that will bring a new dimension to the entire look. We made sure to use the scarves, necklaces, earrings and of course bags and shoes.



Lena has some interesting vintage look cross body bags and a range of prints and generous amounts of reds and blues too. Blue is her favourite colour and it does look wonderful on her too!


A bit of colour can add so much fun to an otherwise plain work look and we used complimentary colours such as yellow and purple, coral and blue for best impact.

weekendThe weekend looks are fun and simple to put together too! Whether its a dress for a dinner date or sweatshirt and jeans for a day of running errands all it needs is a little playful twist with easy accessories and a reflection of your personal style for comfortable yet stylish looks. Tying the outfit down with a common thread of colour usually works well.

daytripSo here’s how a stylist can actually add value to pieces that are ¬†already in your closet! You get fabulous new outfit combinations, a personalized lookbook well suited to your lifestyle and personality, advice on what you can add to your closet and great tips on utlising your accessories. It is definitely worthwhile investing in a consultation especially if you always wake up thinking I have nothing to wear!!




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