Tote for thought

The ‘Tote’ is traditionally a sturdy cloth shopping bag, but I am amazed at the possibilities of how it can be designed and adapted to be not only utilitarian but also trendy and fancy.
The word tote meaning ‘to carry’ was used to describe bags sometime in the 1900s (a bit of trivia for you!!)

Some ‘super totes’ most women (including me!) would love to own..

Louis Vuitton


Personally I love the tote because its roomy and versatile.

  • A work tote can fit in everything from a laptop to files and even a work jacket! (especially if you want to go from a corporate day look to a relaxed evening look)
  • A Mum’s tote can include kid’s stuff – toys, change of clothes and so on
  • You can even use it to pack all your belongings for an overnight trip!

Here are some totes I picked that could be used by every woman no matter what the role or occasion is. From printed to patent and neutral to recycled-

Nine West

Oversized leather tote- New Republic

Patent red tote- Diana Ferrari

Printed tote- Urban Originals

A tote my Mum designed and got made out of left over upholstery material
It’s a perfect little recycled shopping bag!

I must confess that I end up carrying my totes n satchels more often than I should, simply because of their capacity!

Would love to hear your views on totes…


  1. Am a big fan of totes too or oversized handbags (as I call them)…can fit the whole world in it ( at least mine) …guess what I also use it as my toddlers diaper bag!!!….coz I hate the pink kiddish stuff available here

  2. Loved your post on totes. They actually are one of the most comfy bags..what I esp love about them is that they r space defined in terms of length and not width..wic saves u from the trouble of locating things once you drop or rather throw them in :)
    I own the burberry tote u posted :)
    Thank you for stopping by my blog..pls keep visiting <3

  3. I m in love with “totes” as well n agree with the utility of the bag. The New Republic is great tote amongst5 all n also the one which your mum designed is great n trendy too

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