Winter wishlist and more…

Hello hello…If you are wondering where I’ve disappeared, let me reassure you that I’m very much around, just juggling too much at the moment!
It’s the start of winter in my part if the world but i’m not complaining at all..coz it’s a hot n happening month for me..I’ve got family all under one roof from different continents at the moment and there’s so much excitement but not enough time! But I must admit it feels good to be back at the good old blogging dashboard:-)
I promise to share all the excitement with you but you’ll have to be a bit patient! This month will be full of events, destinations and what I wore! A ‘slice of life’ in each post and the outfit planning, shopping and styling ideas showcased not just by me but big and small family members there’s a lot of fun in store and you stay tuned for it!!
For now take a look at my winter wishlist:
1. Sparkly jumper- Sparkle, shine and still stay warm on a cold winter night, an absolute must-have!
2. Nerd glasses necklace- I love my recently acquired ‘nerd’ glasses and wouldn’t mind an accessory to match
3. Plum flats- I’m obssessed with all things plum this winter and recently bought this pair in suede!
4. Coloured coats- A warm coat is a must- have but a coloured one is just perfect for adding drama
5. Plum scarf- Obssessing over plum once again, this piece is classy I think..
6. Tweed dress- Stay stylish with tweed, I would style this with a minimalist approach! 

What do you think of this Winter wishlist?
Share your feedback and….

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