3 Classic office looks with pants

Welcome March! March is always welcome in our house hold with not just one, two but three birthdays and the excitement around party planning, finding the perfect gifts and getting even more organised to fit all the additional activities (phew*)

This leaves me exhausted at the end of the day and rushing each morning without much time to think what I am going to wear to work! Sounds like a problem you’ve been facing lately too, the ‘I don’t have anything wear‘ question? OR Do you think you could do with some office wear inspiration anyway?! Well, then you’re sure to like this post featuring 3 classic office looks !

polished neutral office look


Polished neutral“- Super easy to put together and a classic office look that will never date, just like the ‘leopard print’ in this look does not date! I’ve included a ‘wrap style’ black blouse that is very trendy and lady like to go with beige pants. A black and gold watch, tan structured bag and leopard prints flats are the perfect accompanying accessories plus they have a high repeat value! And the quirky necklace takes the outfit several notches up..classy!! Agree?

Shop similar pieces at – Blouse- Forcast, Pants- Target, Watch – Marc Jacobs, Bag – Michael Kors, Flats- Nine West, Necklace – Country Road


jewel tone office look


“Jewel tone office look” – A monochrome base always lends itself easily to the addition of a colour pop. Although its easy to go just with monochrome, it can get a tad bit boring if that’s all you end up wearing most days. After all there’s nothing better than a touch of a fresh colour to brighten up the office day:) You may have heard all about colour theories and complimentary colours always looking good together but I can imagine it can all get a bit confusing! In this look I’ve not only introduce bright tones but used the complimentary colours (green and red) in good proportions to create maximum impact without becoming unnecessarily overpowering. Black accessories and silver studs balance out the look.

Shop similar pieces at – Black and white blouse- Sussan, Pants- Uniqlo, Blazer- Portmans, Earrings- Marc Jacobs, Pumps- Hush Puppies, Bag- Sussan

all black office look


“All black office look” – And then there are days when you look at yourself in the mirror with dissatisfaction and instantly want to camouflage all the flaws magically! That’s when black comes to the rescue 🙂 And you just decide to wear all black because it’s so safe, its almost ‘comfort dressing’! If that’s what you choose, there’s nothing to feel distressed about really, I’ve found myself in that situation occasionally. Except I just like to spruce up the look a tiny bit. I’m hardly against the all black comfort dressing. All I would recommend is a bright shoe, a vibrant scarf and a neutral handbag to take the look from drab to FAB!

Shop similar pieces at– Black  blouse- David Jones, Black pants- David Jones, Bag – Kate Spade, Shoes- Top End at Styletread, Scarf- Sussan , Watch – Daniel Wellington

Love the looks? I would love to see how you wear them, email me your pictures at klasstyle@gmail.com OR tag me @klassystylefiles if you share your outfit pictures via Instagram..

Have a happy week!



  1. Hey Kalyani!

    All of the looks are fabulous. I have a request – can you feature Australian branded-plus size work looks? From regular brands like Target, Sussan for e.g

    I wear sizes 18-20 and I only see City Chic as the place to buy so far 🙁 Haven’t found anything else or even cheaper (each of the CC dresses retail at $100+)


  2. Hey Vaishnavi, that is a good suggestion I will certainly come up with some suggestions for you!

  3. Astonishing ideas are shared about how making a classic office look by selecting an awesome pants. This post has a great fashion, value too. Sometimes an effective fashion idea for your look can be so much beneficial for your appearance. Thank you very much for sharing this kind of informative and interesting blog with us. Really like your pictures very much!

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