How to beat the winter blues!

Well hi there! I know I’ve been missing from this space, but on a chilly morning like today I’m particularly inspired to share with you ideas to beat the winter blues. Let me take you from ‘Nope’ to ‘Yeah, bring it on’!!

winter blues

Pic courtesy: Patheos

Waking up to a cold foggy Saturday morning, the temptation to stay snuggled in the cosy quilt is overpowering but I can proudly say we beat that with a session of yoga, followed by a cup of piping hot tea..woohoo!! {personal win moment}

Tobi sw_3

Here’s top 5 tips to beat the winter blues that seem to work for me (give it a try, go on)-

1. Warm up – Beat the urge to stay in bed and go for a walk or stretch and do simple yoga poses at home if the weather is crap

2. Stay hydrated- Keep up your fluid supply even if you don’t feel thirsty. I like sipping on warm water, add a slice of lemon if it suits you

3. Eat a good hot meal- A hot soup or spicy curry will do just fine!

4. Dress stylish- This is got to be my favourite unbiased tip ;-). Knits are my number one go to to beat the winter blues, you can never have enough. Ideally a mix of knits in neutrals and winter’s most in colours is great. Knits are stylish, cosy and can be worn in a variety of ways – with jeggings, distressed jeans and even skirt will work well with stockings.

Tobi sw_1

Wearing- Burgundy sweater |Tobi {gifted}|, Tassel Necklace |Piper|, Bracelet |Oroton|, Crossbody bag |Coach|, Khaki Jeggings |Uniqlo|, Ankle boots |Sheriton Shoes|

I love this cute burgundy sweater from Tobi. 3 reasons to own it now– it’s a hot colour this season, the knitting pattern is lovely and its at a great price point! Check out their fabulous goodies here and the best part is free shipping!

Tobi sw_2

5. Cuddle up- Last tip but not the least, never underestimate the power of a cuddle from your family, it not only warms you up literally but also lights up your heart and mind. I love cuddle time and the vibes they give, definitely one of the reasons to keep me going..:-)

Tobi sw_4

Live well, dress stylishly and don’t forget those cuddles! Until next post..

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