Big Fat Birthday month and a special Give Away!

Aha, so now you know what’s on my mind..

This is it what I’ve been hinting at in the last few posts! 

It has been a crazy busy month with not just my own birthday but both my daughters too! The lill one turns one so its going to be extra extra special and planning for a big bash is well under way!
My Mum- in -law is visiting us and its her birthday this month too! So now you see why its the ‘Big Fat Birthday’ month:-)

It is a month that we all love with so many special days. Exceptions can be made for almost everything in this month (including my shopping ban!). Gifts are allowed you see…and I will do a special post for you to have a sneak peek at some of the birthday pressies! 

So here you go readers..let me announce the first ever ‘International Giveaway’!!!
One of you lucky readers will win this color block satchel from ‘Kvoll’ and this cool set of bracelets from ‘Cotton On

Specially purchased for my lovely readers..I decided to pair up these together so you can add some instant style to your everyday outfit or even for an ocassion if you like!

Here are the simple rules of this Give Away-

1. Follow my blog on GFC or Bloglovin OR
2. Like the Facebook page of ‘Klassy Style Files’
3. Leave a comment on this post with your email address telling me about one of your favorite birthday presents.

A winner will be chosen via a random lucky draw and will be notified via email.
This Give Away closes on 15th April. 

Also here’s a bonus for all you lovely readers, a fabulous styling idea using the Give Away satchel albeit in another color. So go ahead and try it out!

Good luck readers!
Hope you have as much fun participating as I had while organizing this post and please remember to leave a comment to qualify for the Give Away.


  1. Lovely giveaway Kalyani! I love the satchel and would love to win it!

    I am following you on GFC and Bloglovin.

    My favourite birthday present has been a pair of love birds that my husband gave me last year – one yellow and the other blue. I named them Honey and Bunny 🙂 .. Since I believe that birds should be free, we released them a week later. I hope and pray that they are free, safe and happy. 🙂 In that one week, they made me so happy and it was a bittersweet moment when I let them go!

    In case you want to see their photos, they are there on my Belated Happy Birthday post!

    My email is

  2. I love the satchel, classic!!
    when it your bday, Its usually you who has to think of the venue, the guest list etc. The kind of bdays I had wen i was young, were perfect. no expensive gifts, just a fuss free day. perfectly planned by family for me. Even today i would just wanna get up,go to the spa,watch a movie, have loads to eat. lie down on the beach maybe, hahhah. nothing too big but a day when I dont have to do thinking, people do it for me and i sit back. In other words, it could be a surprise vacation probably. it will be such a wonderful bday:D

  3. Happy bday!
    loooove the satchel!
    my fav bday present was a bunch of roses my grandad picked from his garden, I was 11 so nobody had ever gifted me flowers… i totally felt like a princess! I kept the petals in a wood box and i still have them! good old memories…

  4. Wow, that is a lot of birthdays to celebrate!! And here’s wishing you a super duper one too!! This is an awesome giveaway – and thanks for making it international ;-). I think I loved my childhood birthday presents – I nearly always got books!! Since growing up, I’ve gravitated more towards fashion related stuff, though I think I’m now open to baking equipment as well :-D.
    I’m already your follower on GFC, and here’s my email:

  5. Kalyani…ur looking great..hav u been working out??
    n happy happy birthday to u n the kids..have loads of fun…n thanks for this lovely giveaway…wanna win this one so so bad 🙂
    my fav bday first pair of diamond earrings my hubby (then bf) got for me from his first salary.

    • Woa! That’s a huge compliment Abhi! I’ve only just been thinking of going back to Zumba again:-) have a long way to go.. and you r definitely a motivator for me!

  6. Belated Happiee Birthday Kalyani ..and Congrats for your first International Giveaway…
    I would love to win this amazing satchel..and excited to participate in this giveaway. I have followed your Blog and Liked your Facebook Page.
    One of my most favorite Birthday Present was when my Younger Brother who was 5 at that time had gifted me a Pretty Hair Bow that he had made. It was the sweetest gift that I have ever received.

  7. wow Kalyani….beautiful bag….and loved your idea too :)…Best birthday gift for me is a greeting card made by my son ….. I loved that and it’s a precious gift for me :).

  8. Happy Birthday in advance to you, lil one and your sasu ma :)…I am already following you via GFC and Bloglovin: Opal , thripti Aravind resp.; Thripti Aravind

    The birthday right after G’s and my engagement, where he rang me up two days before and told me he wouldn’t be able to make it owing to some work at office. I was mad at him for missing my birthday that too one after engagement. I decided not to celebrate my bday and slept over until 10am on the bday. At 11 when I finally decided to get up and watch some TV there he was…on screen (he switched the cable for pre-recorded dvd), telling me how much he loved me…while I could recover from the shock the guy appeared from nowhere, got down on his knees and proposed AGAIN!!!. HE (Mr.G) WAS THE BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT I HAVE EVER GOT 🙂

  9. On my 22nd birthday, my friends got me 22 know things I could use daily..a bag, slippers, a book, diary. It was so thoughtful! That was my favourite gift!

    Thank you for all the lovely comments on my blog Kalyani!

  10. I love this bag..n i so want it.
    m following u on GFC n liked ur fb page as Aditi Sawant.
    my best bday gift was a song that my husband had written, composed and sung for me while playing his guitar. it was unbelievable..n so beautiful. the memories r still so fresh in my mind. it was my first bday post marriage, n the best one i ever had. btw m following u on bloglovin..r u? 😉

    New Post Up

  11. My favorite birthday present is the laptop which I badly needed for my work I got for my last birthday and along with that a cute and classy barbie which can always remind me of my growing up years 🙂

    email id:
    Facebook Name: Heli Shah

    P.S. Lovely Giveaway 🙂

  12. First of all, Many happy returns of the day..
    For me my Birthday is the most important and special day of the year. And My parents have always gifted me with the loveliest of gifts but one when I was in 4th Std will always be special. They gifted me with a bicycle (BSA Champ, in red colour). Most of my friends were boys and they had bicylce or their elder brother/sister had. Though I never told my parents I want one, but they used to see me riding bicycles of my friends. So they decided to gift me one and on 23rd June 1995, I got my bicycle and from next day onwards I would roam around in my bicycle like a free bird, telling everyone.. Catch me if you can..
    Name – Akanksha Singh
    My Email Id –

  13. A very happy b’day Kalyani. That is such a lovely satchel and the colorful bangles are pretty too.
    I am following you via GFC , Bloglovin and Facebook. Username for all of these are : Swati Kalwar.
    I don’t like soft toys ( I guess I am the only girl who doesn’t 😛 ) but my favorite b’day present is a soft toy. 3 yrs ago on a day just before my b’day my school friends whom I hadn’t met for long turned up to surprise me. I was really surprised and after the cake cutting etc they gave me my b’day presents. Some choclates, cards, etc and a yellow duck soft toy. I was surprised why they bought me a soft toy. And when They gave it to me it made a QUACK-QUACK noise. They later told me that it will keep reminding me of them as we don’t meet very often. The duck still quacks when I touch it..even after 3 long years 😀
    email: foodfashionfunn(at)gmail(dot)com

  14. Happy Birthday Kalyani! And, thanks for the giveaway!

    Following you on-
    GFC – Prerna Sinha (
    Bloglovin – Prerna Sinha (
    FB- Prerna Sinha (

    My favorite birthday present co-incidentally was also a handbag gifted by my hubby. Purple cross-body sling bag that I carry just about everywhere. 🙂

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