Capsule styling session for a new you

What is Capsule styling and why invest in it?

Read on to the end for a fabulous surprise….


Think of yourself at that job interview, networking event or a weekend brunch, how you present is critical and this has a lot to do with ‘what you wear’. I am a strong believer of what Mark Twain said ‘clothes make the man’ (or woman)!

If you wake up each morning and stare doubtfully at a wardrobe full of clothes, thinking what am I going to wear today, then a capsule styling session will be of great benefit.  The most common statements from my clients almost always include: “I have a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing appropriate to wear”, “I have way too many boring clothes” or “I really need more ideas on what to wear with this top/pant/dress.” Getting stuck in a style rut is common and may feel depressing. In a capsule styling session, I can help put together unique and interesting looks with pieces from your own wardrobe.

work_outfit 2

A personal styling experience will give you good insight of how outfits can be created with what you already own. Getting an expert to go through your clothes can be extremely helpful in deciding what works for your personality and lifestyle. You will be surprised to see the different combinations a stylist can put together for you, some of which you probably never thought of wearing, yet they look fabulous on you!

work_outfit 1

In a typical wardrobe consultation session, a personal stylist can also suggest some of the clothes that you could possibly donate or give away and identify the gaps. At the end of the session you will get a personalised digital look book of outfit combinations for easy reference. You will come back feeling satisfied and confident, armed with the perfect outfits for every occasion- work, weekend or parties.



I recently completed a wardrobe consultation with Dimple. Dimple already has a great sense of style and has some interesting and trendy pieces in her wardrobe. In our 2.5 hour session I put together work, weekend and party outfits for Dimple from what she already had in her closet. The outfits look fabulous on her because they are personalised based on her life style, personality and individual style goals. And if you like Dimple’s outfits, it is time for you to get on board to have your very own unique looks styled. Now. Read on to find out exactly how you can do this….



So what’s the deal? This season if you book a capsule style session with a friend , I will be giving away a $50 Westfield gift card to both!! Like it so far? If you do then write to me The offer is valid till 31 August.


AND it get’s even better!! The first two people to book will get a FREE photo shoot styled in two of their favourite looks that I put together during our session.

I can hardly wait to work with you towards the ‘new’ you!


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