The Christmas party dress-Katies fashion: Stylist’s pick of the month

It’s already Christmas eve and I can’t believe how quickly the year’s flown by!

This year I am spending the holiday season with my entire family and I’m so thankful for all the precious moments together. While you read this last ‘stylist’s pick’ post for 2015, I am probably having a field day shopping at one of the exciting shopping centres or sipping a cappuccino with my mum and sister!

katies party dress4

This Spring/Summer I have truly loved one brand and the array of versatile pieces they offered. ‘Katies’ has been one of my go to stores and certainly high on my recommendation list for clients, this season. The dresses are particularly gorgeous, this hi-low hem dress was my pick for your perfect day time Christmas celebration. The colour rhapsody and soft flowy feel this dress exudes is perfect to make you feel glamorous and special! It is indeed the perfect Christmas party dress, yes?

katies party dress 6

Speaking of special, not too long ago a blogger friend honoured me with an award, the Liebster award. An award that helps connect talented people in the blogosphere. I’m thankful to have received it twice! Read all about the first award here. And thank you to the glamorous and creative Sharvari from Mumbai to Melbourne for this award.

katies party dress2

Here’s my attempt at answering the questions by Sharvari –

1. What do you love most about blogging and what got you starting your blog?

Blogging started as a creative outlet and a way to document things I enjoy most, putting together outfits, sale shopping, curating beautiful homeware and even preparing unique, healthy dishes for my family over 3 years ago. Fast forward to today, it has morphed into something I am very proud of – a personal styling and shopping service tailored for women and men over 35.

2.  How would you describe your personal style in three words?

Simple, classic and elegant

3. What is one fashion accessory that is a must have in your wardrobe?      

I  love the power of a good statement necklace, it can elevate an outfit instantly and allows people to see your personality.

katies party dress 1

4. Tell your readers one thing about yourself that they would not otherwise know? 

My extended family members often say they are surprised by my alternative career of being a personal stylist and shopper, being  a shy, reserved girl that I was. But interestingly the creative dresser and shopaholic gene comes from my mum and her sisters who love a good ‘shop till you drop’ kind of day even today!

5. What is the one fashion trend that is a must have this season?

I don’t really advocate momentary trends. Following trends is interesting and seems to be ‘the thing’, however as a stylist I think having a beautiful capsule wardrobe of classic pieces will never be out of fashion. You can then lace it up with trendy accessories and some cool in season pieces.


6. What is the one fashion trend that you cannot stand this season?  

Ill fitting clothes is something I dislike. You don’t necessarily have to have a particular type of body to look great, clothes that flatter your body can make you look polished and give you so much more confidence.

7. What do you envision for your blog in the next year?  

I see my blog continuing to support my business and be my voice for all things simple and stylish. I would love to add a lot more client stories to my blog, help women and men find their own unique style and introduce them to great brands whose philosophy they will love.

8. What style advise would you give young girls of today?

You don’t have to follow every trend that hits the runway followed by high street stores. It is important to be comfortable in your own skin. After all “the most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence”. Use accessories and makeup as tools to enhance your strengths rather than trying to patch your flaws.

 9. What is one recommendation you have for upcoming bloggers in the fashion/ lifestyle space?

As a newbie blogger you are bound to be influenced by what’s happening in your sphere. Sometimes you’ll wonder how people become successful overnight. One thing I have learnt is to not succumb to these pressures and just gradually be better than what I was yesterday. Your individuality, consistency and hard work will always yield results, the pace does not always matter.

katies party dress5

10. Who are your style inspirations and why?              

I love to seek inspiration constantly, it keeps me ticking and motivates me on dull days. My biggest inspiration is my mother whose hardwork and simplicity I  hope to have imbibed. There are a lot of women I learn from almost on a daily basis and adore their personal style- Nikki from Styling You, Naina from Style’N who also began personal styling as an alternative career, Elaine from Simply Chic Styling who is a fit and efficient mum and a successful entrepreneur. I am also very thankful to my mentors LaurelPru and Vanisha for helping me see things differently and lift my game up!

2015 has been a year of learning, reflecting and perfecting my style skills, I hope the new year brings in a lot more opportunities and positivity for all of us!

Going with the tradition of this Leibster award- I’d like to give some of my cool blog friends a shout out and make sure you check out their unique blogs and what drives them:)

Aditi from So-Saree, Anupriya from Style Prism, Rita from Fashion Pas and Saumya from Up Close with Saumya

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year peeps! x


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