Klassy Style challenge 2- Outfit inspired by Polyvore

Hello October! 
I can’t believe how quickly September has come and gone already, leaving behind fantastic memories of festivities, trips and quality time with the family, although interrupted by some unpleasant bouts of cough, cold and spring hay fever! But that’s all behind me now..and lately I’ve been possessed by a new vigor and enthusiasm about more fun stuff re: styling, also ideas + projects…

Tunic- Markets, Yellow jeans- Millers, Clutch- Witchery (on sale), Tan leather pumps- Jane Debster,
Swarovski inspired pendant- Proud’s jewelers, Bracelets- Sussan, Oriflame and random piece from India,
Sunglasses- Ralph Lauren
Make up- MAC
On my lips- Maybelline color whisper ‘Orange Attitude’ 
This next style challenge idea came from Polyvore. Yes! A really fascinating, fancy and almost mandatory tool for all you blog writers and stylists out there! You’ll have to agree that Polyvore can inspire and at the same time help you document some fabulous style ideas.

And for those who don’t know what I’m talking about, I insist you have a look at it straight after you read this post but don’t blame me if you get sucked into the fascinating world of Polyvore!

A refreshing Spring look featuring an elegant yellow and white combination is what drew me to it in the first place. I recreated the look with the pieces that already existed in my wardrobe and just refined some of the accessories to give it a polished touch.

It’s amazing how you can end up getting a completely fresh and stylish look just by pairing pieces you’ve probably never teamed up in the past. And I’ve turned to Polyvore for ideas on so many occasions not just for myself but also for the readers who approach me with their fashion queries.

 And now time to reveal the inspiration that did it all in the first place- 

So what do you think?

PS- You’ll love to know that my outfit wasn’t too different to this set in terms of cost too! (leather pumps being the only exception)


  1. Hi,
    Really like your outfit.I have same kind of top .I wasnt sure to wear with ?

    I have yellow Tights from Susan will try to see and will send u pix .Thanks for inspiring.

  2. WOW..KAlyani..u look beautiful..u wudn’t believe..i m wearing the exact same outfit today..n i love it so much. I love ur heels too. Simply fab. Thnx for commenting on my latest post. Appreciate it.

    WOW..u look so beautiful..i m in love with this look u have created..so casual yet chic. Grt Going girl.
    New Post Up

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