Klassy Style challenge 3 – How to wear monochrome

Hi readers,

Back again after a short break! Life keeps you busy, as they say! (I don’t really know who “they” are or perhaps its just my inner voice!!)
But hey, let me not tell you the story of my life right now and let’s get down to the outfit and a bit about this fun photo shoot that I took the opportunity to plan during a weekend getaway.
The warm weather, a spring holiday and the beautiful bay facing cottage..it couldn’t have been better. We had a great fun time- the girls splashing around in the water, watching the seagulls and pelicans. Hubby had the time of his life taking pictures at dawn and dusk and I styled outfits with a greater holiday enthusiasm!

And here’s the result *beaming smile*

I often get asked to interpret ‘monochrome’. And this time I decided to look up the dictionary meaning which says- ‘in one color or shades of one color’. Most people presume it means black and white and I don’t necessarily blame them, coz that’s what you tend to relate it to mostly, as in ‘without’ color.

I decided to play with this idea of wearing monochrome. Crimson a color that’s my latest favorite was the choice. The look turned out as I had imagined, which was great! Just before we took the shots at one point I almost fretted about being OTT bright but the results were kind of refreshingly good!

And here’s a quick run down on why the look works-ย 

1. While wearing a single color from head to toe it is extremely important for the outfit to have an interesting cut or fall. The tulip shape of this dress gives it a nice edge.
2. It is also essential to break the monotony slightly by adding pops of neutral and I worked that by adding a white sling bag.
3. Add some drama with metal. The outfit itself is quite loud hence minimal accessories do the job but a metal that works with the color (in this case gold) adds some drama, albeit used in small doses!
ย 4. Keeping make up minimal makes sense once again to offset the bright outfit. A brighter lip was all that was needed to make an impact.

Crimson dress- SES Fashion, Gold chain bracelet- Kardashian kollection, White sling bag- Markets, Red belt- SES Fashion, Orange wedge heel sandals- Kmart
Make up – MAC
On my lips- ‘Orange attitude’ by Maybelline Color Whisper topped with a gloss

What do you think of this look? Would you like to wear monochrome too?

PS- This look is under $50 (excluding diamond studs and make up)


  1. Hey…u look lovely! Trust me when monochrome came, even at first i thought it to black & white….hehe….. nways we are following each other on instagram from long….. would you like to follow each other here…. Let me know!

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