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Hello my lovely readers..

I’m back at the dashboard FINALLY!IMG_20150616_164208


I feel like it is a particularly good day to day to tell you my story. We are stepping into the second half of what seems to have been a really eventful year for me. The roller coaster of emotions, days gone bad, days that were winners, events, offers, style stories, professional development, passion projects name it and I’ve got it all packed into the last 6 months gone by. 

I am currently enjoying a whole week away from my corporate life and felt like a huge load had been lifted off me when I resigned from my role last Friday. The cubicle life will continue from next week but hey, I like to live in the moment:-)..

I can go on and on in words about my experiences but I somehow think you will appreciate the pictorial highlights better..

The biggest and best thing was undoubtedly my training program with The Paid Stylist and working on new and improved strategies for servicing my styling clients with the utmost professionalism. Here are some cool pictures I shared on social media of my tasks as a personal stylist-



{Retail research involving desktop studies and going into stores to find fabulous seasonal deals}

Style client

{A snippet from the style session with my lovely client whose goal for this season was to infuse some on trend colour and pattern in her new wardrobe} Details coming on the blog very soon!

I got invited to some cool events and got a special preview of classy cosmetic products and superb shoe designs, of course I ended up adding an absolutely stylish pair of booties to my shoerobe:)




 {Many thanks to Midas Shoes and Harlotte Cosmetics for inviting me to their fabulous and fun events}

And, everyday style fun was not to be missed out on! I couldn’t share as often as I would have loved to but managed to capture some style memories utilizing my knits, scarves and other winter wardrobe staples.


{#winterluxe outfits from office style to weekend parties and my personal shopper uniform}

So, what’s next?

Some cool collaborative posts are in the making along with my styling client’s portfolio, so stay tuned for style stories…

Also I’m offering 25% off personal styling packages this month. Let me help sort your wardrobe and pick out the best seasonal deals. Contact me at to book now or recommend me to a friend to get 10% off your next style session.


  1. I am so glad to hear things got ironed out on the work front. Good luck for the rest of the year lovely lady. You look gorgeous and stylish in the pics 🙂

  2. Lovely pictures of your OOTDs Kalyani!

    All the best on your new journey! And raising a toast for many more to come!

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