Mixed bag

Life is a mixed bag! THAT is such a cliched statement, but it couldn’t be more true than right now…just like getting happy and sad news on the same day, achieving something yet missing out on important things, being joyous about your birthday yet solemn about growing another year older OR as simple as not knowing whether to dress for warm or cool weather in autumn!!

So here’s a post that is a ‘mixed bag’…

Orange tank top- Temt, Shrug and long skirt – SES, Sunglasses- Guess, Necklace- gift from Aunt, Italy, Watch- Lovisa, Bag- gift from Mum, India, Shoes- worn here

The idea literally started with this ‘bag’, I wondered about using it for styling a mixed print trend and I was pleased with the effect. I couldn’t agree more with the tried and tested theory of sticking to the same color palette for mixing prints. Using an accessory instead of clothing made me far more relaxed about trying this trend. 

While I continue with my ‘mixed bag’ experiences this month, I am happy to share with my readers that it was indeed my birthday this month and I am going to bring you a special post on this occasion  So stay tuned!

Let me know how you liked this ‘mixed’ print style idea. 

PS- Keep those comments coming…I guarantee you that they are no less than birthday presents for me!


  1. i like the mixing of stripes colors n florals(on the bag)…while long skirt is somethign im not gonna try anytime soon (given my midget height!!) i can very well try a look myself with the different prints…and happy birthday girl 🙂

    life is a mixed bag always..and we just need to dig out the better things it and hide away the bad ones at the back!!


  2. I love your mix and match! It’s looks great 🙂
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  4. You look beyond amazing in this outfit.
    I love this look! New follower for sure! Wanna follow each other? Lemme no!
    Much love from California:)


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