Mother’s Day gifts: wishlist

Hello dear readers!

May is upon us already and Mother’s Day is just 5 sleeps away. I’m certainly looking forward to some pampering after caring for sick kids and hubby in the past few days. And if whatever I’ve been eavesdropping is true, then I guess I’m going to be in for some treats this mother’s day:)

mother's day wishlist


When it comes to pampering with presents I’ve decided not to be secretive at all. So this year my personal mother’s day gifts wishlist will be your gift guide if you like. This gift guide is  extraordinary even if I say so myself:) That is because every gift represents something that is very significant to me at this point of time and has a feeling, memory or a dream associated with it, read on to find out…

1. Zig zag wrap , Katies $50 – {security} A wrap makes me feel secure and stylish all at once.

2. Venice slim clutch, Oroton $98 – {finance} All of us worry about finances and money matters from time to time. Visualizing a classy wallet with money in it always is my way of attracting financial growth!

3. Sadie Scuba Ponte pants, Jeanswest $60- (staying shapely} Ponte is a blessing if you want to appear shapely, wearing ponte is not my excuse to avoid exercise but you’ve got to believe in it’s super powers..

4. Painted floral scarf, Sussan $40- {colour burst} I think of colour as strength, vibrancy and a mood enhancer. A colorful scarf is sure to make my black and grey winter wardrobe smile!

5. Nara necklace, The Adorn Collective $35- {statement} A pretty necklace has to be my accessory of choice and amethyst is my birthstone so there’s no surprise why this one’s on my list.

6. Lipgloss, NARS $35- {quality} NARS has been in my wish list for a while and I’m unsure why I haven’t added a NARS to my beauty stash yet! But I did add a Harlotte lippie, eye pencil and an amazing foundation after I attended their blogger gifting suite last week. Now that’s a happy memory indeed .

7. V neck knit, Country Road Outlet $50- {wardrobe staple} I must confess I am a huge collector of beautiful knits. So when this sale alert landed in my inbox I was truly excited and this piece will also be perfect for a client I am going to take shopping next week. Double win!!

8. Haggle black loafers, Zensu $130- {comfort} Quality black flats are a must-have and if they combine style with comfort its a match made in heaven. These tassel loafers would be just perfect for work or weekend alike.

9. Silk dress, Marcs $199- {luxurious} A gorgeous silk dress is a rare and luxurious purchase and that is exactly my idea of an ideal present. Hey family, are you listening??

10. 365 days minimalist journal, Kikki K $38 {gratitude} I recently started writing each day about the things I’m grateful for and I could see wonderful things manifesting in just a short time. Did you know this ‘secret’?

Did you like my gift wishlist? Have you got one of your own that’s not so secretive:)

Well, I hope you get the lovely presents  along with the love and pampering all mums out there deserve. I know beyond a doubt that the best gift for us mums is to see those smiling faces and get a tight warm hug after a long day..oh the joys of motherhood!



  1. Loved the necklace and The Adorn Collective has some beautiful stuff! Just waiting for some extra dough 😀

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