How a stylist can transform your look into a more confident ‘you’

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“Smart casual and confident”- Style for thirty plus

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to work with Shivani, by going through her wardrobe to modify her personal style which she thought was currently ‘stuck in a rut’. Shivani has been a SAHM for a while but recently started studying to pursue her deep interest of becoming a librarian. Her life at the moment involves balancing between going to college, studying and looking after her family. She also loves Saturday night eat outs or a coffee with her girl friends, when she needs down time from her busy schedule.

Shivani and I shopped at the January sales and also searched the outlets for some quality, yet affordable pieces. She wanted to replace some of her basic pieces too, so I suggested she invest in some quality ones. We also found some fun and refreshing accessories like scarves, necklaces and even shoes in bright colours, as she likes colour! She is not a risk taker when it comes to dressing up and naturally prefers simple outfits without loud colours and large statement pieces.

knee length shorts

We bought these fun leather loafer style shoes in yellow which she was hesitant to buy at first but turns out she is really enjoying wearing them because of their comfort and ability to add a fresh colour pop. She happily tells me about the compliments she has received! We did some really cool summer looks with knee length shorts and printed pants for school pick ups and grocery shopping (who says you can’t dress up for these occasions!)

printed pants style


In the neutrals we added a grey and black tee along with a neutral colour wallet that will go with any of her handbags. And a striped tee in a luxuriously soft feel. It was a match well made between the new neutrals and printed pants and a pair of jeans she already had (with the tag still on!) We did 3 looks with her jeans by mixing and matching with neutral tops and fun accessories, especially great as effortless smart casual outfits for college or library visits and lastly for a dinner out with some neat heels.

jeans tshirt scarf

smart casual work

Now doesn’t she look happy at the thought of ‘Saturday date night’, in the look below?:) After wearing this outfit she was amazed at how effortlessly stylish it looked and laughed about how she would have never thought of pairing these together. The necklace does add a spark to the look, tied together with her lovely blue faux suede heels.

evening look necklace


I’m glad that Shivani’s confidence has gone up a few notches and that she is loving the new looks we put together so far. I did do a summer holiday styling for her too last year (see link here).

I’d love to hear your style queries and help you get the best out of your wardrobe too. Feel free to write to me to find out more about my styling services or just ask a question and I might do a post on it!

Stay Klassy, stay stylish!


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