Personal stylist : sort, shop and style for Spring

Hello all. Welcome to another exciting post about a client’s story demonstrating how I can work with you as your very own personal stylist for curating the perfect Spring wardrobe. September’s story is about the lovely Abigail.


Abigail (Abby) is the quintessential corporate woman with an enviable wardrobe. I worked with her and did the complete sort, shop and style session. We hit it of instantly as we discovered loads of common things between us which made talking all things styling very easy indeed! Abby’s biggest style goal was to cull her wardrobe and add quality, on-point pieces to her new season wardrobe.


SORT: The sort process was extremely liberating for Abby, we managed to go through numerous clothes and really identify the ones that she needed to give up. Abby was pleased to get an independent opinion on pieces that looked dated, worn out and also really look at the ones she hadn’t worn in a while. At the end of the session we were satisfied to have a big pile ready for donation/ charity or to be passed on.


SHOP: On our shopping session, I was able to already identify great options for Abby before she had walked into the store, based on our sort session and the list we had put together as ‘desired pieces’. A great pair of jeans or two were on the top of the list and Abby was uncertain about finding the perfect petite styles. We not only had great success with jeans but also found fabulous deals on blouses, a skirt and more in the seasonal sale. At the end of this session Abby described her shopping experience as extremely fulfilling and successful. She also enjoyed shopping at stores she had never considered before and found fabulous pieces – a sweet win!


STYLE- The style process is all about assembling the looks with new and existing pieces to create outfits that match your lifestyle. It is guaranteed to take the confusion out of your ‘what should I wear’ situation each morning. You will not only know exactly what to wear but also be confident about how you look! You will also feel satisfied about utilizing the pieces in your wardrobe in multiple ways without worrying about repeating outfits.

What you see here are looks I put together for Abby’s life style – what she can wear for work, a casual weekend and even a date night with her hubby! Abby was instantly in love with this ripped jeans, sleeveless blazer and statement necklace look.


 At the end of our SORT-SHOP-STYLE process I will make a personalised look book for you. This will be your handy reference guide to remember all the different looks we put together and save you precious time when deciding what to wear.

If you love Abby’s outfits and liked what you read so far, why not try a personal styling session for yourself. You can even gift a session to your wife, friend, sister, mum or daughter!

Personal styling with Klassy Style Files= No more dull outfits!

You will shine with confidence as we work through your style challenges and come up with best looks forevery occasion in your life.

To discuss more email me at and book a FREE 20 min SKYPE session.

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