Shop what you got challenge 2014 – Wrap up

Hello Summer..

Its December and we are in the mood of wrapping up, winding down and reflecting..and sure enough I’m wrapping up the challenge that was ‘Shop What You Got’. How did I do? Well I got the tick of approval from Jo herself, so there you go! I think I should be feeling satisfied about it all and I am.

The second half of ‘Shop what you got’ was perhaps a bit more ‘challenging’, I had to do some serious work to re think combinations and add accessories to really bring out the best of my capsule wardrobe. I was determined not to give up on keeping the outfits looking fresh and appealing!



The ‘hero pieces’ this time round were the printed pants, plus they were so handy and comfortable for exceptionally warm days. I was glad that I could utilise every single piece of the capsule collection barring the grey dress, which was a bit of a shame but you can view it here for how I styled it last summer.

I did bend the rules a bit on a couple of work days! I couldn’t have possibly worn ripped jeans to work even it was casual Friday and I also had to bring my black pumps into action for an important meeting. But other than that I played fair and square.


I cannot stress enough about the two other ‘hero pieces’ that played an important role in my 9 to 5 wardrobe. A well fitted black dress and pencil skirt. I’d say definitely invest in quality pieces that have both, a great design and good fabric. You will be assured to get compliments for outfits featuring these well chosen staples, simply because they will fit well and as a result make you so much more confident.



The most loved look on Facebook this time round is ‘the perfect pencil skirt’ look. I’m sure now you know what I mean by a well fitted staple and its advantages!

Insta look

And, the most loved look on Instagram has been appreciated for its subtle palette and pattern mix. Adding a statement necklace in the same colour scheme is a great way to add elegance without overpowering the outfit base.

A big thank you to all of you who followed along and left sweet and encouraging comments. I absolutely loved creating each look and trying to bring something new and inspiring in each outfit. And now I can’t wait to share all the exciting things that have been happening behind the scenes. New brand collaborations, more styling possibilities and some end of year fun. You must promise to stick with me as I unfold my stories one at a time!

Until the next post then….



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