Summer holiday capsule wardrobe

Hello Summer!
It well and truly feels like Summer down under these days. Hot sun, long days, upcoming school holidays, festive season and getaway plans..I’m in the midst of it all! My girls are lapping up the summer days and we are looking forward to unwind from the stress of the whole year and spend some great family time.
Although on the blog front it’s quite the opposite. I’m gearing up for the new and improved version of ‘Klassy Style Files’ to be launched next year!
Speaking of ‘new and improved’, here’s a blog post that fits the bill!

I recently worked on a ‘capsule wardrobe’ article and was inspired to create my own summer version here.
Some suggested looks are- 

1. Striped tank + cream jeans + flat sandals
2. Striped dress + white sandals + neon tote
3. Blue dress + white sandals + straw clutch
4. Neon top + cream jeans + nude flats
5. Striped tank + boyfriend jeans + burgundy jacket + belt + nude flats
6. Metallic knit top + boyfriend jeans + straw clutch + nude flats

And some demonstrated looks here:-)
All the outfit pictures have been taken on some of our recent holidays and depict what I wore actually!

Did I mention that I was recently given the ‘Liebster award’ by blogger friend Ritika of Rising Colors. Heartfelt thanks to her:-). I will make an attempt to answer some of the questions she asked along with each outfit. So here goes..

What do you do to keep fit?
I’d have loved to say I go to the gym twice a week and run 5 kms, but none of this is true. My only exercise right now is walking and constant activity involving my two daughters:-) But I wish to do something more structured soon.

What quality do you find most attractive in others?
I respect people who maintain relationships and ‘walk the talk’ in life. Great productivity, discipline and a humble attitude most certainly attract me.

What is one skill or hobby you’ve always wanted to learn?

When I was at school I was hardly into sport but I was a big fan of tennis. I wish I could learn to play tennis and keep fit in the process too. I tried bullying my daughter to pick this sport but she refused, can’t blame her I suppose!

Are you a planner? Or are you spontaneous?

Bit of both I suppose. Let’s say I’m a planner when it comes to organizing my daily schedule but spontaneously change the plan if my girlfriends invite me for a coffee:-) 

If any character from a novel could be your best friend, who would you want it to be and why?

It would have to be Elizabeth from ‘Pride and Prejudice’. After reading the book over and over again and at various stages of my life I think she is the most sensible, practical and sharp woman with a great sense of humor and so fortunate to have a lover like Mr. Darcy (sigh)!

Which are the three blogs you read everyday?
I try and keep my reading as up to date as I can, however there are some crazy days when I hardly even touch the laptop or tablet! I try and keep on top of my favorite blogger’s posts, Style’N, Styling You and Tanvii are on the top of my list!

Hope you enjoyed this mixed bag post?

I’d really appreciated your feedback on the capsule wardrobe and yes, if you’re keen to know more about capsules..I’d suggest you go and check out Wardrobe Oxygen. Alison I believe is an expert of sorts!


  1. Wow, I should really get some cream pants!!! I thought you were working out, you look quite toned in recent pictures :-). The reason I stay away from stripes is because at 5’2″ and being a bit plump, I feel they’ll just stretch me horizontally 😀

  2. Awww… summer dress up ideas are fav of all is the metallic one… will search one for myself now 🙂 Ur daughter is cutie pie..!

    Oh ..did i hear workout?? do u really need gal?? Think again..u will get lost behind the babies 😉


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