Three outfit trends for Summer 2016-17

Summer is here! And I’m finally embracing my lonely little dashboard. I know I’ve missed it as much as it has me and hopefully the ones reading now have too…

It’s hot as a pot and I don’t necessarily want to get into why this everything’s been a bit (well, okay..really) quiet!! Let’s just attribute life and its constantly demanding priorities here. It’s all been good (mostly) 🙂

This post is a nice, fresh take on summer trends. Three summer outfit trends that I have specifically noticed and will highly recommend as a stylist, plus they are easy to put together.


 1. LACE– It truly spells elegance and grace. If you hesitated to embrace this coz you thought it was too dainty for your style OR too much to pay for elegance, then think no more. I’ve got just the right look for you. Subtle, well priced and truly beautiful this Sussan top (currently on sale, in stores only) is bound to make you fall in love with lace! Pair with easy navy trousers and tan accessories for an effortless office look or simply switch trousers for cute shorts for a casual cafe brunch.


2. STRIPES– Can they really ever be out of fashion? Never I say and neither can you ever have too many stripes in your wardrobe. The biggest myth is that horizontal stripes don’t suit certain body types! The smart solution is all about choosing the correct stripe and wearing it with confidence. This season the striped dress (horizontal or vertical) will be your wardrobe staple. Easy to dress up or down by swapping out the block heel with a classic white sneaker. Throw in a tan cross body bag and sunnies to complete this fun summer look. Striped shirt dress; (get similar here at ASOS)


3. CORAL– Cool tone for warm weather is definitely a winner but a warm tone like coral does seem to keep coming back time and again. Perhaps there is something to do with it being so perfect for festive occasions. And if you combine coral with an amazing floral print what do you get? A look that is chic! With the colour taking centre stage, there isn’t much else to add really. You could go with a subtle print clash or add a touch of military green for a delightful contrast. Coral top; Katies (in store only)

Which trend are you keen to try this summer?

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