Tips for building a quality wardrobe

“I have reached a point where I have too many clothes. They don’t fit in my closet anymore. I definitely don’t wear 30% of my clothes because either they are small or too big or I don’t like them anymore. But these are in great condition and so I have thought of salvation army etc but I am having difficulty picking through ones I must give away. How do you decide when and what you give away. Ideas please….how do you find that balance between buying new outfits and still keeping your closet light.”
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Does that sound all too familiar!

I was fascinated by this scenario sent by a reader seeking input from me as a stylist and decided to do a post with some quick tips.

Building that perfect wardrobe is realistically a constant work-in-progress, a bit like ‘Rome was not built in a day’. It could feel overwhelming to start with; especially if you already have a wardrobe bursting with clothes and accessories. Things you have possibly hoarded or bought only because they were on sale, without caring how often you’d wear them!

The sorting process:

1. I recommend a seasonal sort and store process. For example when Autumn/Winter is approaching pack away the shorts, tanks and short sleeved tops and dresses, that way only the relevant seasonal clothes are retained. Easy and manageable for outfit planning!

2. While packing away the past season items, think of  3 things: how many times you wore an item during that season, if it will still be relevant next year and if its condition is still good enough for next year

3. Decide to eliminate or retain based on the above and then either donate or sell if it is indeed a good piece. Think ebay or Gumtree!


Here’s a look at some classic wardrobe essentials that will help you stay sharp, stylish and polished.

Dark wardrobe essential

I have picked pieces that will broadly suit the taste, personality and lifestyle of the average 30 something woman but by no means is the be all and end all of wardrobe staples!

Bright wardrobe essentials

 What to keep?

1. Certainly any investment pieces that you paid a decent price for- that leather jacket or evening dress for example

2. Something that indeed flatters your body type, makes you feel confident and that others have often complimented you in

3. Highly versatile piece, for example a well fitted black dress


What to buy?

Now the part that we all love and find any excuse for!

1. Try to ‘buy less but buy good’ (easier said than done especially when that ridiculously priced sale is in front of your eyes!). It is a matter of restraining and doing it a few times until you get convinced.

2. Try and acquire some quality basic pieces that will go a long way in creating many classic and polished looks, whether it is for work, the weekend or a casual occasion.

3. Remember when you make a new purchase try and offset this by subtracting something from your wardrobe (discard, donate or sell)

And for that ultimate finishing touch add a perfect, classic and super versatile accessory. A few accessory recommendations for you:

Accessories essentials


Have fun with wardrobe editing and reinventing!



  1. I need this and you are so good at this, Kalyani! I am guilty of impulse buys and often end up wearing them only once or twice before tossing them out or they would still be lurking out there in my closet with tags on somewhere. It was good to read this post.

    Have a great day.

    ~ Seepz

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